The Beginner’s Guide to Countering the Trump Agenda. Resources for Action and Next Steps.


A marcher holds a sign at the Women’s March NYC that is the embodiment of the Trump Era.

We are living in unprecedented times. Millions of people are engaging in the political process for the first time as advocates for causes they believe in. All the collective fear and chaos can be overwhelming. It is temping to spend all of our time worrying while compulsively scrolling social media and engaging in useless comment wars with people (including trolls) we barely know and whose minds are not open to change. These habits that we’ve developed since the 2016 election campaigns stop today.

Right now you can make the conscious choice to take action. To arm yourself with the knowledge you need to better your community and protect this country from the Trump agenda. This list is by no means comprehensive but my hope is it will provide you with a useful guide of toolkits, resources and immediate actions suited to those who are only just getting started.

Best of luck and see you out there.

Short Term/Take Action Right Now 

Pressed for Time? 5 Calls to your members of Congress makes getting your progressive point across easy. 

The Sixty Five

->derives its name from the 65 Million people who did not vote for Trump. Find actions and call scripts on the important policy issues of the day.

Indivisible Guide (Find a group near you)

Learn how to influence your members of congress from former congressional staffers and find a local group to get to work. Example of success: How Chuck Schumer Found His Spine

Medium to Long Range Engagement

Adopt a State

Progressives Need to Build Power in Purple and Deep Red States. It is not as hard as you might believe. Adopt a state and help build power across the country.

Sister District

Republicans dominate state legislatures across the country. This has allowed them to redraw congressional districts to favor their party. To win back congress, progressives must win back seats in these states. Sign up to help a sister district or become a district captain.

Swing Left

The 2018 Senate map is bruising for Democrats. Swing Left believes democrats, with your help, can win back the House of Representatives and put a check on President Trump. Type in your zipcode and get connected with your nearest swing district so you can help flip or preserve the seat.

Run for Something

You need to run for office, yes you! Run for your local school board, planning board, town board, mayor, city council, or state legislature. It’s not as daunting as you may think. Run for Something is here to help you raise money and get the word out.

Assigned Reading

From Protests Past, Lessons in What Works – New York Times Opinion 1/31/2017

Indivisible Guide (read it!)

Wellstone Action Toolkit for Progressive Organizing

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action 

Deep Dive on Nonviolent Engagement

Self-care tips for those who are terrified of Trump’s presidency– Washington Post Opinion

Thanks to my wonderful partner Jo Hee Park-Cunningham for editing this post.

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