Dear Wellcome Trust and The Gates Foundation: Divest from Fossil Fuels

My letter to the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust as a signatory of The Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground Campaign urging the charities to divest from fossil fuels due to climate change’s dramatic impact on human health and wellbeing.

Dear Wellcome Trust and The Gates Foundation,

I stand with more than 180,000 Guardian Readers. We hope you’re listening.

The work you do to support global health is incredible and makes a tangible difference in peoples lives. However, your investment in fossil fuel companies, particularly the 200 largest means that you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You cannot simultaneously solve world health problems while investing in the fuels and companies responsible for causing climate change and preventing global action on the issue.

As you are aware, climate change is a threat-multiplier– leading to drought, intra-state conflict, heat waves, intense rainfall and additional negative impacts. All of the previously mentioned climate threats directly impact human health and wellbeing, threatening the most vulnerable populations on the planet. I urge you to make a statement through divestment and encourage others in the health philanthropy field to follow suit.


Jeremy Cherson

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